Welcome to my blog!

I am the Director of Human Resources & Recruiting at Rubenstein Public Relations and am very excited to share my stories on “Dori Telling.”

I have spent the past 8 years in the PR industry focused on HR and Recruiting and I love being a part of this dynamic, creative industry and especially working internally at one of the most prestigious PR firms in NYC.

I decided to start this blog at a very exciting time at RPR.  This past weekend, our IT department put us through a major network upgrade and set up new computer work stations for each of us.  We now have the most modern, state of the art computers with high definition 27” flat screen monitors which are truly amazing!

We have also recently started a “fun committee” and have our first summer kick off party this Friday at the Standard Hotel.  We are all heading down there at 11:30am where we will be enjoying lunch together from 12-3pm and then will be able to start the weekend!

Through this blog, I aim to share stories about all the exciting happenings at RPR along with insights into industry trends, recruiting updates and other interesting topics.

Thanks for reading! 

Dori Telling, by Dori Rosner, HR Director at Rubenstein Public Relations.