RPR Summer Kick-Off Party at the STANDARD ~ 5.18.12

Our summer kick-off party took place at the Standard Hotel this past Friday 5/18.  We all headed down there around 11:30am and had a great time having drinks and enjoying a delicious lunch in one of the private rooms right by the beer garden.  We sat at a very long table and we were all given the opportunity to speak during lunch which most people took advantage of.  Richard spoke about his visions for the future and told the staff how much he appreciated their hard work and dedication.  And I can honestly say the afternoon made us all not only feel appreciated, but so fortunate to work for an employer that acknowledges and appreciates everyone’s hard work so much!

The weather was perfect and everyone had a blast and didn’t want the afternoon to end.  It was a huge treat to be out of the office and able to start the weekend after the lunch was over around 3pm.  People went their separate ways individually and in groups – we were in SoHo so a group went shopping, another group to a nearby bar.  Others caught trains home to their children and lucky for me, my husband picked me up with my 9 month old!  I posted a picture that one of our colleagues took of Brandon and me.

This weekend is Memorial Day and we are closing the office at 3pm again!